Bergün Filisur Tourismus
All you need to know about the most beautiful end of the world!

Parc Ela

The Rhätische Bahn, who have friends fare over the boundaries of their action radius…

UNESCO World Heritage
A masterpiece of railway engineering.

Goodbye to carrying bags
The practical service on offer from the SBB (and RhB)… no longer necessary to carry your own bags! Transport to your hotel is also taken care of.

The holiday destination of Switzerland!

Bad Alvaneu
More than a normal bathing experience!

First ice track in Switzerland. Experience the beautiful winter landscape of the Albula valley on ice skates allong the side of the Albula river.

An integrated recovery for body, spirit and soul!

Bergüner Ländlerfründa – Unsere Hauskapelle
Our local music group. Original Bündner folk musicians performing traditional Swiss music, two on clarinets, two playing swiss accordions and a base player.

Our old friends – we hope they never stop playing. One of the best Swiss folk music group!